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Morphine Sulfate Injection

Morphine Sulfate Injection

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Morphine Sulfate Injections Are Used to Treat Severe Pain in People. This Medicine Is Injected into the Body Through Vein or Under the Skin. Always Follow the Proper Administration as Directed by the Doctor. The Amount of Dosage Depends on the Severity of Your Pain. Do Not Let the Pain Worsen Your Situation, This Medicine Will Be of No Use Then. Before Injecting This Medicine, Always Clean the Needle with Alcohol. Do Not Inject This Medicine on the Same Area Again and Again to Avoid the Problem of Skin.



Morphine Sulfate May Interact with Certain Beverages and Medicines. Some of the Interactions Are Alcohol, Anti-Arrhythmic, Antidepressants, Anxiolytics, Hypnotics, Antibacterial, Antimuscarinics, Metoclopramide and Domperidone.



The Active Ingredient Presents in This Medicine Is Morphine Sulfate Pentahydrate.


Side Effects of Morphine Sulfate

Inform Your Doctor or Physician If Any of the Given Side Effects Bother You. the Side Effects Are Drowsiness, Confusion, Light-Headedness, Mood Changes, Blurriness in the Vision, or Dryness in the Mouth.


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